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4 Tips You Need to Keep You on Track Each Day

cross-roadsThere is so much going on these days that it is astounding. It is so easy to get distracted and lose precious time each day. I find there are days that I have to work very hard to keep from drifting into non-critical things that will slow down my progress toward success.

Today, I took a few minutes and thought about what it really takes right now to stay focused on the important stuff. Here are four things that I decided were important to keep me on track and focused on the right things — those things that get me closer to my goals and make money. I hope sharing them with you will give you some things to think about and help you as well.

Start Your Day Reading or Learning Something Positive — Avoid the Mainstream Media!  Set your day up right by getting yourself into the right frame of mind. Read something that will lift your spirits or that will enlighten you. Get the creative juices flowing by learning something new and thinking about how you can use it in your business. Visit your favorite blog (maybe this one:) or read a chapter in a book about self-help, business, spirituality, wealth, success or something similar. Click here to see a list of books and websites I recommend. Go to a learning website such as iLearningGlobal.tv and watch a short training video on a subject you want to learn about or need some motivation on. Just don’t let yourself get dragged into all the negativity in the media these days. It has a way of getting you off to a sluggish start and destroys motivation.

Create Your 2-Do List! Decide what are the two most important things you must get down today — no matter what! These are your no-excuses, must do tasks for the day. They should be focused on the two things that will make you money, save you money, or build your business. Do not make them administrative or “paperwork” tasks that need to get done someday. These things are not urgent and not important, but many times we tend to delude ourselves into believing they are critical because it is easy to do or we like doing them. As Brian Tracy says, EAT THAT FROG! The two things on your 2-Do list should be your FROGS — those things that maybe you don’t like doing them but they will have the biggest impact on your success.

Decide What You Fear the Most – Then Do It Anyway! Do not let fear hold you back from doing what you must do to be successful. This can be very hard for most people and I admit that I struggle with this one myself sometimes. It is human nature to avoid those things that make us uncomfortable. Force yourself to take action on things you don’t like doing. You may not succeed at it the first time but, so what! You learn when you fail, and you grow when you step outside your comfort zone. Decide what needs done and then Nike (just do it!)

Reward Yourself for Your Successes!Make sure to give yourself credit for what you have accomplished each day. It is so easy to end the day and think about the things we didn’t get done. When you really stop and think about it, you probably accomplished more that you are giving yourself credit for. At the end of each day take a minute and write out in a journal what you liked about today and what you which you had done differently. If you had a good day and accomplished your goals for the day, give yourself credit. If the day was less productive than you wanted, give yourself credit  for you did accomplish and then commit to what will be different tomorrow.

Keep focused on what is important and don’t let the outside distractions keep you from building the success you seek. Now is a great time to build momentum in your business if you can stay focused on the stuff you can control and forget about what all the talking heads in the media are trying to tell you. Good-luck.


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