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Use This Key Factor to Achieve a Success Mindset

The Key to a Success Mindset

The Key to a Success Mindset

One question I am getting this year is, “Should I really set big goals next year or is it better to be less aggressive so as not to be disappointed?”  My answer may surprise you. My response is – it depends.

I am a major proponent of the theory of Go Big or Go Home. The human mind can serve us beyond our wildest imaginations if we let it. It has an unlimited capacity to learn and when properly nurtured, it promotes clarity and focus that leads to achievement. However, before this happens you have to make a commitment. You must commit to taking personal responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and results – in fact, for everything.  

This is the key factor that will determine whether you achieve your goals next year or not. If you are not willing to take full responsibility for your results, then set less aggressive goals. You probably will still be disappointed with the results even at a lower level of expectation. If you are willing to accept responsibility – and I mean FULL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIY for your results then go big with your goals. 

Once you have committed to a reality that includes taking responsibility, then you will find that the mind engages in belief, change, self-discipline, inspiration and imagination. Each person is powerful beyond measure once they accept that what they have in life is a direct result of the action they take and the responsibility they accept. 

Taking personal responsibility means that you let go of blame, excuses and denial and open yourself up to accepting that what happens is up to you. We live in a society of blamers and excuse-makers. It has become so easy to blame society, the government, the economy, the competition or anything else that gets in our way. Taking personal responsibility means that you remove those things from your way of thinking. 

What it does not mean is that you stop blaming other things and start blaming yourself. You must stop blaming yourself and instead accept setbacks and failures as learning experiences. It would make no sense to stop blaming others and start putting blame on you. This self-destructive behavior will not lead to the accomplishment of your goals. 

This may require you to change your thinking and your beliefs. If so, then get started today by committing to remove the blame, excuses and denial from your vocabulary and your thoughts. Train yourself that whenever you start to think or speak in negative terms that pushes responsibility onto someone or something else, you will stop and re-direct your thoughts to what actions need to be taken now. What do you need to do next to correct the situation or to move forward? Like most habits, you can change your pattern of thought. Once you recognize that negative thoughts do not offer value, you can begin the process of changing your thoughts and create the habit of positive thought.

Go back and review your 2009 Business Plan and your goals that you have written. Make sure your 90-day objectives are action oriented and are in your control. Are the goals big enough or have you limited your thinking? What could get in the way of accomplishing these goals and what can you do about it? Are you willing to take full responsibility for the successful accomplishments of these objectives? 

Once you have fully committed to your plan and your goals, then you will be ready to tackle the New Year. That means committing to taking total personal responsibility for the actions, learning, mentoring, personal growth and change you will need to make these goals a reality. Rather than letting the environment control your life, take control of it yourself and you will be astonished at how far you can go.

To Your Success,


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  1. Great Advice! Check out http://www.mylifelist.org for a great website that uses a proven methodology and the power of social networking to help people achieve their goals!!

    Bill Starr
    CEO, My Life List

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