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Creating and Keeping a Healthly Business – Part II

Creating Great

Creating Great

This is the second part in a series about the steps that are critical for you to focus on and understand in order to build and maintain a strong healthly business. In the first part I addressed the issue of key financial drivers and how important it is to know them and understand how to use them in your business.

In this post, I will deal with the importance of understanding the business. While it may seem obvious that you need to understand your business, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. You must take time to really analyze the different aspects of your business and how they work together.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and explore to truly understand the workings of your company.

  • What functions directly affect your performance?
  • What’s the primary role of each functional area within your company?
  • What are the key skills required to succeed in your business/industry?
  • How do functional strategies affect your overall performance?
  • What systems are required to create maximum leverage?

When you analyze these issues, make sure you dig deep with your answers. Don’t just answer them in high-level generalized ways. Be very specific and get to the root of each area. Keep digging deeper until you are at the very core of the issue.

For example, when you address the functions affecting your performance, don’t just list out the obvious functions. Instead, think in very specific terms to identify ALL the functions that impact each area. What functions affect marketing, sales, technology, personnel, pricing, etc. The more you understand,  the better prepared you are to impact their influence on your bottom line.

Be sure to seek out others to help you in this evaluation. Find subject matter experts, inside or outside your company, and interview them. Get an outsider’s perspective from a mentor or coach to validate your internal findings.

The next time, I will discuss the importance of developing a culture in your business. Whether you are a business of one person or hundreds, a company culture exists. We’ll discuss why it is important and how to create it.

To Your Success,


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