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One Simple Idea to Increase Revenues

Watch Sales Grow
Watch Sales Grow

Here is a simple idea that will help you increase your revenue with just a little focus and effort.

Calculate the dollar amount of each sale that you make. Take the total dollar amount of sales you make and divide it by the number of sales made. This will give you the average of each sale you make and a starting point for measuring your improvements.
Once you know what your average is, make it your goal to increase this average. Start a simple system for keeping track of your average on a daily or weekly basis and keep a record of it. Your objective is to create ideas to increase the average.
These will be the sales tactics you employ. Some ideas to get you started include;
  • focus your sales on the higher dollar value items
  • use suggestive selling to add items of value to the sale. Think about Wendy’s and their supersizing strategy
  • bundle items that compliment each other to create a package that creates value for the customer and a profitable sale for you
  • add service contracts or similar support programs to the sale

You get the idea. Come up with your own list by brainstorming with your team. There are many ways to do this that can benefit your business. Just be sure to keep your customers at the forefront of your thoughts. Make sure you are adding value to their relationship with your business.

Just making this one minor adjustment to your sales process can increase sales significantly adding profits to your bottom line.

To Your Success,


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